© 2018 by Rachel Suarez.

Mamasita (2017) is an exploration of the hypersexualisation of Latin women through the use of iconography and assemblage.


This work is not a critique of Latinas’ expressions of sexuality, it is an exploration of the media’s image of what a Latina is as a critique. I have used found images of different representations of Latinas such as Guerrilleras and glamour models and switched the rhetoric for the glamour models onto the Guerrilleras.


The women soldiers in my works are largely unknown, a quick photograph taken by a brazen photojournalist who has entered warzones where citizens flee for their lives. The glamour models are found by a quick search through hashtags such as Exotic, Latina, Brown Skin, Spicy, etc.. This work is an act of dismantling the colonial view of women of colour, specifically Latinas and reclaiming our own identity.


picking at the fibres

nunoya tepet

nunoya metzti



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