Nunoya Tepet, 2018
Artist Book. Cartridge paper, tracing paper, waxed thread, acrylic paint, graphite


This artist book is called Nunoya Tepet which means My Grandmother Volcano in Nahuat. It tells a narrative of forced migration, imagination, oppression and resistance. Nunoya Tepet contains images of family before and after migration and a still from the movie Apocalypto where the girl in a particular scene tells a prophecy to the other characters in the film.


Growing up Rachel's parents would always tell stories of their lives in El Salvador before moving to Australia which seemed like whole other world to her and her brother as children. Rachel aims to replicate these dreamlike recollections of memories through the artist book.


picking at the fibres

nunoya tepet

nunoya metzti



© 2018 by Rachel Suarez.

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